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July 30, 2021


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Broom and Dustpan Set with Hand Duster

Broom and Dustpan Set with Hand Duster

Price: $28.99
(as of Jul 30,2021 00:38:17 UTC – Details)

Upgrade Broom and Dustpan. Broom and dust pan Snaps together for easy stand-up storage, save your space and easy for moving. Lobby Dust Pan and Broom is perfect for all on-the-move applications for sweeping up and carrying debris and garbage. Built in scraper and comb/Teeth for easy to Clean Broom into Dustpan ,Clean Pet Hair and Human Hair with one Pull on the Teeth. Plus Hand Duster

CONVENIENT DUSTPAN: This amazing dustpan was designed for your convenience so you can have perfect results with no hassle! The dust pan has a rubber lip on the edge so that all the dust and dirt will be swept right in the dustpan instead of under it. It also has built-in teeth so you can comb the broom bristles and keep them clean from debris and excessive dirt.
SPACE SAVING DESIGN: The smart design of the broom and dustpan set makes it perfect for small storing closets as it is very compact for maximum space saving. The broom can snap on the dustpan for upright storage and it is also foldable so it can be easier to store and to move.
PREMIUM QUALITY: The broom and dust pan are crafted with special care and the best quality materials so you can enjoy unique durability. Dustpan is made with sturdy ABS plastic for flawless results.