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July 27, 2021


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MICRO WORKOUTS: Training Strategies That Make Working Out Work For You (The Train Smarter Series)

MICRO WORKOUTS: Training Strategies That Make Working Out Work For You (The Train Smarter Series)

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MICRO WORKOUTS: Training Strategies That Make Working Out Work For You

Break free from the constant battle of high-maintenance workouts and start training on your terms…

If you want the ultimate freedom to train where, when, and how you want without wasting endless hours in the gym… you need to read this book.

MICRO WORKOUTS is a collection of training strategies designed for the real world and your crazy-busy lifestyle. These simple to use tools will give you a laser-like focus that will make your training truly effective, so you can cut out the fluff that’s wasting your time and energy.
The end to workout confusion…

Many internet fitness programs, and books, base their programs on little more than assumptions and estimated guesswork on what you need to do.

In this book, Matt lifts the roof off these bloated workout programs and reveals why they are fundamentally flawed. Instead, he shares the most effective strategies you can use to create an unlimited number of custom micro workouts.

Understanding these strategies will empower you to create micro workouts that will be a perfect fit for you as your goals and circumstances change.

That means…
No more: Feeling chained to a rigid program that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle.
No more: Expensive gym memberships with equipment that you don’t need or paying thousands of dollars for personal trainers.
No more: Wasting 1-5 hours per day, training every day of the week.
No more: “Go hard or go home” attitude or feeling like you need to grind it out at the gym on every workout.
No more: Going to extremes in both your habits or results to enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.

In MICRO WORKOUTS you will discover:

  • 3 Fundamental training styles that make your workouts super simple allow you to train for any objective
  • The surprising strategies that will work your muscles harder in 3 minutes than 3 hours at the gym.
  • Why you should ditch the tedious warm-ups for these simple and efficient habits that keep you loose and guarantee you’re always “action-ready”.
  • How to use adaptive intuitive training to increase workout consistency, motivation, and progression whilst empowering you to overcome any change in your circumstances.
  • The secret to looking forward to training daily with multiple micro workouts without sacrificing your job, time with friends or family, and doing the other things you love.
  • How to use my simple 1-page workout log to make tracking, and planning your workouts a breeze.
  • Learn the secret about the soul-sucking cardio trap that is like a black hole for your time and energy, and makes it almost impossible to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Why there’s no such thing as fat-loss exercise and the real strategies that burn more calories than any other workout.
  • How to avoid getting injured without losing the intensity you need to grow.
  • Plus… a special bonus chapter on Micro Dieting explaining why all long-term diets actually condition your body to resist weight loss and offer you a better way to manage your diet.
  • MICRO WORKOUTS strategies work for any fitness level.

    Whether you’re a professional athlete, fitness junkie, or a complete beginner, Micro Workouts are the missing link to achieving any goal using any equipment you wish to use. And the best bit is they are 100% customizable so you can finally make your workouts work for you.

    Start reading today, and no longer endure another tedious bloated workout ever again.

    “Micro Workouts gives the extra tips and tricks to simplify and streamline your workouts and diets. Great info for beginners to advanced trainers. Compliments his Youtube playlist of Micro Workouts very nicely.” – Scott Holmes, Amaz