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July 25, 2021


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IGFA’s 101 Freshwater Fishing Tips & Tricks

IGFA's 101 Freshwater Fishing Tips & Tricks

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One of America’s best known fishermen with more than 50 years of on-water experience, Bill Dance is also a tournament champion and a television personality. His tips will help any angler catch more and bigger fish. Even experienced fishermen may not know that dark-colored lures work best during low light conditions; that reluctant bass often bite at smaller lures fished slowly; that 75% of all line failures occur at the knot, so good knot tying is essential to success; that when waters rise, bass move shallower—when it falls, they move deeper. Dance’s knowledge is so wide-ranging that absolute beginners and crusty old veteran fishermen alike will be educated and entertained and amazed. This book is being supported by The International Game Fish Association (IGFA), a leading authority on angling and the keeper of fishing’s world record.